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Today’s technology in the hands of the underworld has already or will soon threaten you and your family. The worst of it is, we have little help from local authorities and federal agencies and currently, we are pretty much on our own. I’ve been the example in the worst way and have spent considerable time on the subject as my understanding of technology and Identity Theft not only is professional but ‘firsthand’, having been a victim and nearly being incarcerated for something that my Identity-Impostor had done (that story in a moment).

Cyber Crime and Identity Theft is the second biggest crime in America, heading for first place and reaching a global scale. When we are asleep, hacks and criminals are attempting to compromise our personal information and defraud us in a 24/7 operation. This threat isn’t just within our home but will target the databases of whom we do daily business with or even the form you had completed sometime ago that is now sitting in a dumpster. Within our home, it can happen simply by tapping into our Internet (WiFi, SmartPhone). Spyware and Malware that can capture Passcodes or a child’s Social Security number may also be hidden within our computers, downloaded within an innocent web-page. You can see why it has become a credible threat in this age of Information Technology.

These threats happen all the time – everyday, targeting everyone (see US Data Breach Report under LINKS). Those with financial means can soften its blow and continue an uninterrupted life but for most of us, our world is turned upside-down. Leveling the playing field, putting the power back into the hands of the common people and the help to protect their families is what’s being presented here.

The Info You Need  −  This site contains free helpful Articles and News Links on Identity Theft Scams and Prevention with updated ‘relevant info’ that you will find most enlightening.

Protecting Our Children  −  Of special note; it has come to my attention that methods of Identity Theft are used to target children and are also prevalent among Sexual Predators as well (see KlaasKids Fundation – Search Center for Missing and Trafficked Children and the LINK on right; ‘Child’s ID Hot Target for Thieves’).

A Real Story  −  The light came one morning on my way for milk in a quaint small town in Michigan. This picture abruptly turns on its head when I’m stopped by police and asked for my identification, as the officer returns to my car (with hand on his side arm), I’m asks to step out of the car and place my hands atop my head. My reaction; “Is this a joke?” The officer said firmly, “No Sir; there’s a warrant for your arrest, step out of the car…”

Now, at the time I had a working project with the FBI having special clearance and informed the officer that the warrant was bogus, impossible and that I’d provide him with all the information I had if he would please verify it. Only because of that, he allowed for the additional information and upon returning he said that technically he had two verifications and could execute the warrant. He then left me alone to figure out what had happened. A call to the Sheriff’s Department only yielded a request for me to surrender myself, be arrested, assuring me that they would sort it out within the penal system. I said sure, I’ll be right over. “Not!”. I then spent the next eight months of my time and resources attempting to track, find and resolve this devastating blow and do you know what; a service as ‘LifeLock’ can’t help someone wrongly being arrested.

I’ve often preached; one can drive into most any community and at curb-side, commit a felony over someone’s home WiFi and just drive away. − See also US Data Breach Report under LINKS, ‘is most revealing’.

The fact is, this happens all the time, we’re doing fine in our lives and then pow! Some person or big company step’s into our life and we’re now burdened to undo something we didn’t initiate or even authorize. I received a collection threat once and a damaged credit report just because I had thrown away an unsolicited magazine subscription which they were demanding payment for and hadn’t even gotten a magazine. The list goes on and on as we run into bad dealings but you see we all too often let it go for we average good people don’t have the luxury of the privileged who have real access to the legal system as they just hand it over to a lawyer and go about their normal enjoyable life’s.

While identity theft is a serious crime of invasion we are also hit with these day to day petty crimes that a single letter from an attorney can be the resolver in your favor as well. Recovering a hundred or more dollars here and there can mean a lot and would be more than enough to cover the cost to such a helpful service. But some services can’t help you recover from an auto shop or health-care provider attempting to ‘stick-it’ to you ( let alone real identity protection).

I believe that the age of a digital wild west has arrived and have launching this web-site as a public service here at: /  and have joined forces with other organizations to provide free helpful information for protecting you and your family.

If you’d like to Level the Playing Field, have Total Access – Total Freedom, than you may wish to consider proactive legal protective services and no other organization in the world can offer the best attorneys with identity protection by Kroll Inc as presented by LegalShield.


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